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Art Student's Atelier

Welcome to Art Students' Atelier in Saratoga

Welcome Artists, students, teachers and parents of artistic children. We build a confident and well trained Artist in a nurturing environment. The Atelier offers artistic education for children 12 years old and up through its After School Art Studio program. Atelier training helps a young Artist grow steadily and profoundly for years before pursuing a higher education or professional life. The studio is a resource for parents whose Artistic child needs more than they are getting at school. In fact kids will meet several others just like them from schools all over the county. Here we study from life with master teachers and world class professional painters. Since 2010 Gabriel has taught many kids who continued on to colleges and Art schools throughout the world. Those kids who studied with Gabriel for years entered college prepared as well trained, confident, and competitive young adults. 

Visiting Artist Workshops happen about once per month throughout the year. These workshops invite world class teachers to share their time and knowledge with our local Artists.

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