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About Atelier

14443 B Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070

Welcome to Art Students' Atelier in Saratoga


The Atelier in Saratoga offers year round instruction for Drawing and Oil Painting.

After School Art Studio - Monday through Thursday 4 to 6 PM

Summer Art Studio - Weeklong Workshops in June and July

DayTime Art Studio - Tuesday Morning 10 AM to 1 PM

Night Gallery Art Studio - Night Time Art Class Tuesdays 6:30 PM

Visiting Artist Workshops - Intensive Weekend Workshops With Guest Instructors

Open Portrait Studio - Meets for sharing portrait and figure models monthly

Welcome to art Students' Atelier. The studio is for practicing drawing and oil painting. Students can begin as young as 12 years old and learn at their own pace with generous class hours and support inside a well lighted and functional studio.


Gabriel Coke of Art Students' Atelier. 

Since 2012 I have taught drawing and painting in Saratoga and Los Gatos. I currently direct and teach at Art Students' Atelier for our young community of promising students.

When I began in 2010 I wanted to bring people together in a true atelier studio. I now have students from several local schools attending my After School Art Program. There are also many students of mine who have gone on to study and graduate from many art schools and colleges across the United States and Europe.

Adult students have found that the studio offers them a place to reconnect with the timeless art of drawing and painting that they need to feel happy.

I also believe young students deserve the education in art that they cannot find in school. I want them to move forward feeling prepared to learn with a skill set that makes them qualified to learn more.

For me, drawing is a sacred human experience. Painting makes me feel a kinship with forms and the essence of nature. I am drawn to natural subjects and the human condition. Drawing is like channeling the force of human observation beyond the appearance of our natural world into the supernatural.

Education and Experience

My education came from studying in several professional studios and ateliers. I have studied across the United States and Europe. Time and practice has helped me develop a strong sense of form in drawing and painting. I am grateful to many teachers and friends, who taught me in the following places,

Currently Director of Art Students Atelier since 2021
Formerly Director of NUMU Atelier for New Museum Los Gatos from 2015 to 2020
Formerly Director of Cloud Castle Art Studio from 2010 to 2015

The Grand Central Academy of Art, New York City, New York
Frovik Kunstskole, Sannidal, Norway
Ecole Albert deFois, Loire Valley, France
The Studio of Anthony Ryder, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, Washington
The Concrete Tower, The Old Arcata Creamery, Arcata, California