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Gabriel Coke


Gabriel Coke is native to Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Gabriel is a father, a practicing artist, a teacher and advocate for his students. He enjoys teaching and giving lecture demonstrations. 

Gabriel pursued private studies in ateliers since the mid 1990’s. He began in Seattle, Washington and continued to Santa Fe, New Mexico, France, Norway and New York City. From those many years of study he acquired the knowledge to become a well practiced artist and teacher. Gabriel taught constantly in his own atelier from 2012 to 2020. 

For a decade Gabriel’s life has been devoted to working inside a studio that developed its own unique community. Knowledge, friendship and family have been combined with a world class field of professional teaching artists. 

As an Atelier Program Director Gabriel benefits from being a father to two incredibly gifted teenage children. Gabriel’s teaching philosophy begins with creating an ideal studio environment. He wants students to be in the best possible position to get the most of their potential. Gabriel is highly motivated to prepare for each class with a passionate love for detail and forethought. The atmosphere in the studio is part of a successful formula. Students are always given expert  instruction by lecture and demonstration and they are given a healthy amount of personal  space and freedom. Students focus and work for long spans of time. The results are truly remarkable as the achievements of young students are often far greater than is expected.

Hundreds of students have worked for several years in small groups and many are currently attending art schools and colleges in the United States and abroad. Some have even finished college and have families, and still regard their time in Gabriel’s atelier as very fortunate.